The percutaneous skin puncture therapy system is a simple and natural method of skin regeneration through collagen induction (CIT).

ANUBISMED SKIN PEN is an electrical device in the shape of a pencil which, without having a roller, has several needles inserted. It does not roll on the skin, but it goes
stamping or sliding on it, so the micro-wound is carried out in a more controlled way. The different penetration lengths of the micro-needles provide the possibility of working in different treatments at different

It has several speeds, which, added to the possibility of adjusting the penetration level of the micro-clusters, will allow treating more or less sensitive areas to minimize a possible sensation of pain.

In short, treatments with ANUBISMED SKIN PEN are performed with greater precision and speed than with dermaroller, and the result will be obviously superior in any of the applications or treatments to be performed.

Indicated for the correction of common problems such as acne scars, stretch marks and wrinkles, ANUBISMED SKIN PEN is applied by means of a head with 12 microneedles, which allows generating the opening of more than 800 micro-channels per second that we will regulate according to the characteristics and needs of each skin.
Percutaneous skin puncture therapy produces controlled dermal micro-lesions thattrigger the normal connective tissue repair response (intense fibroblast activity with proliferative capacity and collagen synthesis).


ANUBISMED SKIN PEN it is automatic and rechargeable.
Allows you to select using an adjuster ANUBISMED SKIN PEN it is automatic and rechargeable.
It consists of several working speeds.


  • Connect ANUBISMED SKIN PEN to power.
  • Remove the micro-needle cartridge from the sterile packaging.
  • Insert the cartridge (1) into the connector head (2).
  • Push the cartridge horizontally all the way and turn it to the left to lock it.

Needle speed and length adjustment

Turn on the appliance by pressing the power button for a few seconds, which turns green.

Adjust the length of the needle by turning the adjusting ring to the left or right. By turning clockwise, the degree of needle penetration will be greater (0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm).

Adjust the speed by lightly pressing the power button:

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